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OER Tech Tools

Become familiar with the vast supply of tools available for instructors. In a learning environment that is quickly expanding in technological integration, it is important to be informed of the many resources accessible online. Keep students even more engaged this semester with the aid of these beneficial tools.

Resource List

  • Dia
    • This is a tool for drawing many different kinds of charts and diagrams. It can save files in png or jpg format as well as vdx, wmf, cgm, dxf and svg. Dia is a free source.
  • iBooks Author
    • Use iBooks Author on Mac and iPad to create e-books. Templates are available to help you begin your textbook. For more information see Other Tools for Mobile Device.
  • Pressbooks
    • Pressbooks allows e-book publishing. You can choose between a free watermark publication or pay for multiple formats starting at $19 packages. Paying also allows you to export your e-book into multiple formats.

    • To oversee student brainstorming, allows them to create mind maps. They are saved as an image or HTML and can be submitted through email.
  • Stormboard
    • Stormboard is a tool useful for supervising group brainstorming. Create "storms" with the given templates and invite students to join the "storm." Group members can place virtual sticky notes upon the chosen template.

Polls Everywhere
  • Polls Everywhere allows polling in classrooms, giving real-time voting decisions and results. Simply enter the poll by using your mobile device.

  • Canvas Conferences
    • With your Canvas account, use Canvas Conferences to create online conference calls for communication with faculty or students off campus. The tool is free and accessible to all SXU faculty and students.
  • Dropbox
    • Dropbox is a file folder that can be accessed on any device. Once a device is registered with Dropbox, any changes automatically sync. You can share files with others, all having access to the file folder.
  • Google Docs
    • With a Google account, use Google Docs to create documents that can be shared with others. It is possible to edit the same document with multiple users at the same time. You can also create and share spreadsheets and slides through Google.
  • Trello
    • Oversee group projects and student participation by creating a Trello board. Members organize projects, keeping track of who completes their portion of the group work. The website is free, available on both iOS and Android.

  • CloudConvert
    • Use this tool to convert any files to any needed format. The conversions can be mailed to you or saved in your CloudConvert or Dropbox folder.
    • Convert any files to PDF, Word, Excel or Images. No software needs to be downloaded, simply upload the files into

    • Create digital lessons by using SoftChalk. Combine your personal materials with the interactive learning content provided. The tool is not free but a Free 30-Day Trial is offered.

  • Handling Information
  • Citation and Documentation Management

  • Glogster
    • Glogster is a website for creating multimedia posters. You can add text, images, audio and videos to your posters.
  • Prezi
    • Use Prezi to create contemporary presentations. Signing up is not free but the website offers a seven day free trail and a discount is given when signing up with a school address.
  • SlideShare
    • SlideShare is a free slideshow presentation creator. It has themes to choose from and allows you to load your own pictures from any domain.
  • Weebly
    • Weebly is a free website creator, with many templates from which to choose. Once published, your website is accessible by anyone.
  • Wix
    • Use Wix to create websites. They are easy to create and the provided templates can be personalized. Wix also is available as an application on Android devices.

  • CamScanner (Android and iOS)
    • Scan documents and share them in either PDF or JPEG format. Scanned documents can also be printed, faxed, and shared with others. Prices range from the free Basic Account or the Premium Account for $4.99/Month* or $49.99/Year*.
  • Genius Scan -- PDF Scanner (Android and iOS)
    • Scan documents and export them as PDF or JPEG files. Syncs to various locations such as Dropbox and Gmail. Prices range from the Basic free version or the Genius Scan+ app for $6.99*.
  • DocScan HD (iOS)
    • Scan documents and export as PDF or JPEG files or export into Dropbox, iCloud Drive, and other locations. You can enter text or write directly on scanned items. Prices range from a Basic free version or the Doc Scan HD Pro app for $3.99*.

  • CamStudio (PC)
    • With CamStudio you are able to record your screen and audio simultaneously. Create tutorial videos using this source, free to all users.
  • Jing (Mac and PC)
    • Using Jing, you can capture a video or screenshot of your computer screen. It is useful for creating tutorials. The screenshots and videos can be shared through email, Facebook, Twitter and other places.
  • QuickTime Player (Mac)
    • QuickTime Player is a multimedia player, built into Mac OS X products. Capture and record your screen and record video and audio into one source. Content can be edited upon creating. The files can be converted into various formats.

  • Amara
    • Amara is an online captioning tool made specifically for YouTube videos. It is incredibly advanced with a modern layout and easy navigation. Once you paste a YouTube video, all you have to do is pick a language and begin syncing a transcript.
  • YouTube
    • YouTube offers a auto-captioning feature that allows any video to have automated captions through speech recognition. The captioning has a 70-80% chance of getting the word correct. You can manually edit the text to correct any mistakes.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Create Professional videos using Adobe Premiere Pro. It is accessible on any of the computers in the Staff Computer Labs within SXU.
  • Animoto
    • Animoto is an online video presentation creator. The tool is not free but a free trial is offered. Customize your videos using templates and themes to create a quality video.
  • iMovie (Mac)
    • Easily record and share videos using iMovie. Also available as an app on iOS mobile devices.
    • With this tool you can upload a video or audio file, add slides or subtitles, and format the presentation. Once finished the presentation will have an HTML, which can be placed into websites or slide show presentations. VCASMO is also available as an application on iOS.

  • BaiBoard (iOS)
    • BaiBoard integrated Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive and Evernote into an app used for collaboration. It can be used for whiteboard, voice conferencing, document annotation, and more.
  • Doceri (iOS)
    • Doceri allows you to create lessons, and share them with students as files or live, connected wirelessly to a computer screen in the classroom. Doceri is free to download.
  • Educreations (iOS)
    • Create screen-captured lessons with audio using Educreations. Store and share your videos with Dropbox or Google Drive. Prices range from a Free version, an $8.25* monthly one teacher version, and a $1,495* ten plus teacher version for one year.
  • Explain Everything (Android and iOS)
    • Explain Everything is a whiteboard tool that allows you to import almost anything anywhere. You can annotate, narrate, and animate your imported files. The app costs $9.99* on all devices. Also available in a Web-based instruction on the following website.
  • ShowMe (iOS)
    • Create lessons for students to view anywhere. The app pricing varies from the Basic free version, Premium $4.16* monthly version, or the School Premium of $1,250* per year.

Name Description Android Free/Paid iOS Free/Paid
Animoto Customize your videos using templates and themes to create a quality video. Yes Free*** Yes Free***

Dragon Dictation/Dragon Remote Microphone

This is a voice recognition application that eliminates typing. Yes Free*** Yes Free***
Dropbox Download this file folder that can be accessed on any device. Yes Free Yes Free
Glogster Create visually pleasing multimedia posters. Accessible on all devices. Yes Free** Yes Free**
Google Docs Keep your documents in one place, accessible on any computer. Share documents with others. Yes Free Yes Free
iBooks Author Use this tool on Mac and iPad to create e-books. Templates are available to help you begin your textbook. No   Yes Free


Create presentations that can be exported to Microsoft PowerPoint or in PDF format for viewing. No   Yes Free


Connected with Dropbox, take notes directly on documents, create Note boards, and Message others. No   Yes Free***

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 includes Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

Yes Free Yes Free - Three apps
Numbers This is a spreadsheet designer, exclusive to iOS products. Compatible with Microsoft Excel (see the Apple website for further instructions). No   Yes Free
Pages Pages is the iOS version of Microsoft Word. It is a word processor application. Compatible with Microsoft Word (see the Apple website for further instructions). No   Yes Free
Prezi Available on all devices, use Prezi to create a contemporary style presentation. Yes Free** Yes Free**
SlideShare Create professional slide show presentations using any device. Yes Free Yes Free
Trello Collaborate with group members with boards to keep track of each member's progress. Yes Free Yes Free
Weebly Available on any device, create websites, giving you a professional presentation. Yes Free Yes Free
Wix Create website presentations given easy to use templates that can be personalized. Yes Free No Free** Free***

* = Prices are subject to change.

** = Free with limited features. Paid plans are available.

*** = Free trial. Paid plans available.