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Resources and FAQs

Find your SXU NetID and password

A netID and password are automatically created for all newly registered students and sent to them by U.S. Mail. It is not necessary to fill out an account request form. Once the registration is completed for Via, an email is sent to your personal account from Information Technology (The Hub) that reminds you of your netID, temporary password and new SXU email address.

Students receive a netID consisting of their first and last initials followed by five digits (e.g., br99901). Be careful not to confuse the letter "l" and the number one, or the letter "o" and the number zero. Remember that the first two characters of your netID are letters and the last five characters are numbers.

Use your netID and password to access many SXU online tools, such as your new SXU email and Canvas.

We will communicate with you through your SXU email account and GroupMe.

Check your SXU email regularly. Your interactions with the University will take place through your SXU email from now on. Join the SXU first-years GroupMe, managed by our Orientation Leaders (OLs). It's the best resource to have questions answered quickly.

General Questions

Yes. There are four parts to first-year orientation and each part is crucial to completing your transition to college. The Via online course, Academic Advising session, Orientation Leader Via meet and greet, and Cougar Trax are created to help you learn along with and connect to our community while preparing you for the start of classes.

Start with the Via online course and complete Module 1. This first module will prepare you for your academic advising appointment to schedule your classes for fall 2021. Once you complete Module 1, you can make an appointment with the Center for SUCCESS. You may reach their office at

Orientation Leaders are Saint Xavier students who have been selected to help you learn about the University. They are fun, energetic and full of information, so plan to ask them many questions! These students are involved in various leadership roles on campus as resident assistants, officers in student organizations and student government leaders. The Via orientation leaders truly represent the spirit and diversity here at Saint Xavier, and we're confident you'll find them very valuable in beginning your college experience. It is required that all first-years attend one meet and greet with the Orientation Leaders; you will register for this date when you register for Via. If you need to change your meet and greet date, please email

The Via fee is part of the first-year student fee of $230. This fee includes the Via online program, mandatory Cougar Trax program costs, as well as many fall activities/programs, and will be included on your first fall bill.

VIA Online Course and OL VIA Meet and Greet

Via is the start of our orientation program to provide you with essential resources and information to prepare you to transition to college. Via will provide information about your first-semester classes, introduce you to our Catholic, Mercy heritage, campus resources and support services -- people and areas that will enrich your Saint Xavier University experience. Bottom Line: You will have fun, learn about campus and get acquainted with your new community!

Via is a tribute to the University's motto, "Via, Veritas, Vita." The motto is Latin for "Way, Truth, Life" from the scripture verse, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life" (John 14:6). Via (the "Way") will help incoming students find their way as new members of the SXU community.

You will receive a message to your new SXU email with detailed instructions on accessing the Via online course through Canvas, our learning management system. There will be a link included in the email that will direct you to the Canvas site. Use your netID and password to gain access to the Via online course.

You will need a device with a connection to the internet/wi-fi to complete both the Via online modules and attend the live Zoom sessions with your Orientation Leaders. Your device will need to be able to run Zoom. It is recommended to use either a laptop or desktop to complete the modules. Additionally, we recommend finding a quiet place or utilizing headphones.

We realize the move to an online experience might be a challenge for you. We know that access to reliable technology and the internet at home is an issue for some students and families. We are committed to developing individual solutions, where possible, to help you complete your Via online orientation.

Please submit a Remote Learning Support Request to share your challenges. We will evaluate and provide as much support as possible to maintain productive learning experiences.

You will receive instructions to both the email you provided during Via registration, as well as your new SXU student email starting at the end of March and before early registration begins. You must complete the first online module before attending your one-on-one advising meeting. All important information will be sent to your SXU student email, so it is crucial that you check your SXU myMail email for updates daily.

If you need assistance accessing your SXU myMail account or other mySXU online tools, please contact The Hub.

Via online orientation is broken down into themed modules. Each module will state the estimated completion time when you begin; they average 15 to 30 minutes to complete. The Orientation Leader meet and greet session will take about one hour.

You will have an opportunity to learn about the student experience at SXU through various presentations and live large group activities with your Orientation Leaders. We want you to know that we're glad you chose SXU and want to show you what great things our campus community has to offer. Via online sessions will consist of modules containing video presentations, quizzes, documents, and links introducing you to various resources and campus offices.

Yes. You will be able to meet many other incoming first-year students at the Orientation Leader meet and greet through many of the fun virtual activities. You will also have Orientation Leaders who are current SXU students and have all experienced student life firsthand at SXU. They are ready and excited to welcome you to the SXU community, provide support and answer any questions that you may have! You will also be able to browse and meet current Registered Student Organization (Club) members and join the groups that might interest you.

As in all communities, there are a few rules everyone must follow to maintain health and safety and to successfully complete the online program. We take the safety and integrity of our virtual spaces very seriously. We enforce University policies because it helps ensure that all of our attendees can enjoy and benefit from the virtual program. Additionally, attending orientation is a part of your experience as an SXU student; you are no longer just a guest or visiting! During Via, your virtual campus, all students must:

  • Attend all sessions and complete all modules;
  • Be respectful of staff, including Orientation Leaders, and other new students during all live sessions;
  • Follow all expectations and community standards as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.

Students will meet the Orientation Leaders (OL), their peers, participate in competitive activities and have fun!

An email will be sent to your SXU email account two weeks before the OL Via meet and greet date that you registered for when signing up. In the email, you will receive a Zoom link with additional details for the meeting.

Detailed instructions for accessing your Via online orientation will be sent to your SXU email.

SXU's online learning management system, Canvas, will be used for online orientation, and live activities may be offered through various tools, including Zoom. Orientation material will be presented in a variety of formats: live, video conferencing or pre-recorded. Students log in to Canvas using their mySXU netID information.

Students will use Canvas throughout their time at SXU for classroom instruction and support.

Zoom is a free virtual video/chat software that will allow you to talk with and participate in the required live sessions. It is recommended that you download Zoom prior to starting your Via online session.

Arriving on Campus

If you are living on campus, please contact University Housing Staff at All first-year students will need to attend Cougar Trax, which begins on Thursday, August 19. This means residential and commuter students must be in attendance for the in-person and on-campus Cougar Trax program.

For more information, please contact University Housing Staff at

Residential students may want to park in a lot near their residence hall, which may include Lot 2, Lot 2A, or Lot 4.

Commuter students may wish to park in Lot 9, Lot 10 or Lot 12.

Parking is free and students are not required to register their vehicle, only if they prefer to do so.

Search for "SXU" in your wi-fi settings, then log in using your netID and password. If this does not work, please contact The Hub for assistance.

Cougar Trax

This two-day program, required for students, features sessions critical to success in your first year, fun and social gathering opportunities, and the New Student Induction on Friday. You will receive further details by email later this summer.

Yes. Cougar Trax is the final component to First-Year Orientation and is required. The majority of the program requires full participation, while some activities are optional. Be sure to review the schedule entirely to understand your attendance requirement.

Even if you live off-campus, you are required to attend. Commuter students do not stay on campus overnight for this program.

Plan to attend Cougar Trax from 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Thursday and 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday.

Dress for Thursday is casual, but we ask you to dress nicely for Friday (no jeans, gym shoes, baseball caps, etc.).

Yes! It’s not a party without food.

For the New Student Induction, family and supporters are encouraged to attend. Check out the Family and Support page for more details.

Please visit the Cougar Trax page for more information.

Life at SXU

Meals will begin on Wednesday, August 18, 2021, for residential students.

If you are interested in living on campus, please submit a housing application through eRezLife.

You will log in using your SXU netID and password. You will first be prompted to confirm your profile, and under housing overview, you will begin the application by answering, "No, I do not live on campus at this time." Please be sure to submit all sections and note a "confirmed" status on your application page.

The University continues to receive and review information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) that will guide our ongoing planning for the fall 2021 semester.

We want to ensure that we set appropriate parameters according to guidelines for social distancing in classrooms and community living settings. At this time, specific guidelines for operations have not been established. While we don't have definitive timing on making decisions regarding the fall semester, please know that representatives from the following departments and offices are all actively exploring possible scenarios that would allow us to return to on-campus operations that are safe and realistic for our campus community: Academic Affairs, Facilities, Dining Services, Health Services, Athletics, and Public Safety.

We understand that there are more questions than answers at this time and will do our best to provide students and families with information as decisions are made. Please stay safe and watch your SXU email for more information.

If you meet someone through Via that you would like to room with and have already submitted a housing application, you may change your roommate preference by updating or creating your roommate group in eRezLife. Please note that we do not guarantee specific roommate placement but will do our best to accommodate requests.

You may contact the Office of Residence Life at 773-298-3977 or with any questions related to housing assignment and roommate requests.

If you are looking to get involved on campus, visit The Den, our student organization management system, to browse the various types of student organizations on campus. If no organization aligns with your interest, the Office of Campus Life can also help you start a new organization. Please visit us at the Student Organization Center, located in L109B in the Warde Academic Center.

As a first-year student at Saint Xavier University, you will be exposed to several different celebrations and programs in your first semester. Some of the programs you can look forward to are Welcome Week, Spirit Week, Homecoming Weekend, Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month, and many more.

It's the kickoff to the first 40 days of the semester! It is the students' first opportunity to get acclimated to Saint Xavier University by discovering opportunities to learn, connect and laugh through social, educational and cultural programs. The events are hosted by the Student Activities Board (SAB), Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), and other campus departments.

Academics and Campus Resources

You will receive an email to your new SXU account from the Office of Records and Registration. The email will include information about the Math Placement Exam. Students that completed an ACT/SAT exam will NOT be required to take the Math Placement; placement will be determined by your ACT/SAT scores.

Students will receive an email on July 1 for an opportunity to take the foreign language placement exam.

Students with AP/Dual credit must request an official transcript from College Board (AP) or the previous institution to be sent to SXU. When meeting with assigned SXU academic advisor, please indicate the AP/Dual Math courses currently in progress or completed. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

We realize the move to an online experience might be a challenge for you. We know that access to reliable technology and the internet at home is an issue for some students and families. We are committed to develop individual solutions, where possible, to help you complete your Via Online Orientation.

Please submit a Remote Learning Support Request to share your challenges. We will evaluate and provide as much support as possible to maintain productive learning experiences.

You can also contact the Center for Accessibility Resources, located in L-108 of the Warde Academic Center, by emailing the director, Margaret Rose McDonnell, at The office works closely with students and faculty to provide services to students with documented disabilities. Specific accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis, based on appropriate documentation and individual consultation with the student.

You will learn more during Via about building a fall course schedule that meets course requirements for first-year students in the first module. You will complete the first module before attending your one-on-one meeting with your advisor, who will assist you in building your course schedule and registering for Cougar Trax. You will receive information about how to schedule your one-on-one meeting with your advisor to your SXU email address.

As soon as you schedule your classes, you should place your order for books. SXU now has an online bookstore, so students may receive their books at home or delivered to the University. The earlier you order, the more chances you have to find the best deals. For more information on books, search "bookstore" on the SXU website or contact

Changing your major should always start with a conversation with your Academic and Career Resource Advisor in the Center for SUCCESS. They will advise you on the next steps and provide guidance to ease the transition into a new major. You will be given more information on scheduling an appointment with your advisor via Handshake, our academic and career management system.

Please follow the instructions to use Handshake to reschedule your appointment or call the Center for SUCCESS at 773-298-3131. You may also email The sooner you contact us, the better we can assist you.

Family and Supporters

Is there a parent/family online orientation?

Parents/guardians are highly encouraged to participate in our online Parent Orientation experience! The program we have developed is very iformative and helpful. The online Parent Orientation will include some live session opportunities and is entirely separate from the student online Via Sessions. The Parent Online Orientation experience is offered in Spanish and in English. Visit the Parent Orientation page for more information and to register for the live Q and A sessions.