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Orientation Leaders


Nada Alaraj

Nada Alaraj

Preferred Name: Nada

SXU Year: Junior

Major: Biochemistry and Exercise Science

Hometown: Palos Park, IL

Favorite SXU Traditions: Homecoming Game

Fun Fact: We all lost track of how many times I've changed my major.

Tracy Baker

Tracy Baker

Preferred Name: Tracy

SXU Year: Junior

Major: Jazz Performance

Hometown: Park Forest, IL

Favorite SXU Traditions: Therapy Animals

Fun Fact: I love roller skating.

Kaitlyn Cooper

Kaitlyn Cooper

Preferred Name: Kait

SXU Year: Junior

Major: Exercise Science Major

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Favorite SXU Traditions: Bonfire for Homecoming

Fun Fact: I'm a dancer!

Melanie Diaz

Melanie Diaz

Preferred Name: Melanie but my friends call me Mels

SXU Year: Freshman

Major: Criminal Justice major

Hometown: Born and raised in sweet home Chicago

Favorite SXU Traditions: I think my favorite SXU tradition would have to be the finals breakfast. Who doesn't love free food and a night with friends!

Fun Fact: One fun fact about me is that I enjoy singing and writing.

Anissa Gifaro

Anissa Figaro

Preferred Name: Jersey

SXU Year: Junior

Major: Criminal Justice major with an art minor

Hometown: Trenton, NJ

Favorite SXU Traditions: The drag show hosted by Spectrum Alliance.

Fun Fact: I love vintage covers of songs.

Corrie Floyd

Corrie Floyd

Preferred Name: Corrie

SXU Year: Sophomore

Major:Business Administration and I haven't declared a minor yet

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Favorite SXU Traditions: Welcome Week!

Fun Fact: My favorite rock band is Queen, but I love trap music and jazz.

Marcy Herrera Mariona

Marcella Herrera Mariona

Preferred Name: Marcy

SXU Year: Junior

Major: Nursing with a minor in Spanish and Gerontology

Hometown: Orland Park, IL

Favorite SXU Traditions: Spring Formal

Fun Fact: I love crocs and coffee.

Jazmine Simon

Jazmine Jean-Simon

Preferred Name: Jazmine or Jaz

SXU Year: Junior

Major: Nursing major, Psychology minor

Hometown: Country Club Hills, IL

Favorite SXU Traditions: Campus Ministry Retreats

Fun Fact: I want to be a Labor and Delivery nurse when I graduate!

Ricardo Rodriquez

Ricardo Rodriguez Jr.

Preferred Name: Ricky

SXU Year: Junior II

Major: Nursing, Psychology, and Gerontology

Hometown: Chicago, IL (primarily Midway during my adolescence, Secondary Little Village during my childhood)

Favorite SXU Traditions: The Cougar 5K is when the community comes together the most, and the day in general is full of fun and University tradition.

Fun Fact: I went to Basic Training at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Through ROTC last summer I learned leadership skills and discipline.

Mario Young

Mario Young

Preferred Name: Mario

SXU Year: Sophomore

Major: Biology Pre-Health, Business Administration Minor

Hometown: Mounds, IL

Favorite SXU Traditions: Food Truck!

Fun Fact: I used to play tuba.