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SXU Employee Benefit

All SXU employees and their families are welcomed at the SXU Health Center for preventative and sick visits. Depending on your insurance coverage a claim may be submitted:

  • HCA and HMO plans: Employees and their covered family members can use the SXU Health Center for preventive and sick care at no cost (no co-pays, no deductible). This includes physicals and immunizations. Lab tests sent to our outside lab (Quest) will be billed through insurance.
  • HSA plans: Due to an IRS rule, employees with an HSA plan are not allowed to receive free sick care (such as at the SXU Health Center) until the deductible has been met. This does not apply to preventive care (physicals and immunizations). Employees with the HSA plan are still welcome to be seen for sick visits, but until the deductible is met the visit will be submitted to insurance and the employee will be balance billed. Our fees are often lower than other medical providers, so it will likely still be a savings to you.
  • Anyone not covered by SXU plans: The SXU Health Center can be utilized by adults and children. We are in-network with many plans and, if we are not in-network, we offer low self-pay rates as an option.

Please do not hesitate to the call the SXU Health Center at 773-298-3712 with any questions.