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Financial Responsibility Policy

Insurance Billing

Submitting Claims

  • If we are an in-network provider with your insurance carrier, the SXU Health Center can submit a claim on your behalf. The patient/responsible party is responsible for all co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles.
  • It is your right to choose to pay for your services at the self-pay rate and not have a claim submitted on your behalf. This applies even if you are covered under an insurance plan for which SXU Health Center is an in-network provider.

Guarantee of Payment

  • If any of the charges incurred at the SXU Health Center are not paid by medical insurance, the balance due is the responsibility of the patient/responsible party.
  • Should it become necessary to resort to outside collection procedures, the SXU Health Center reserves the right to charge the patient its collection costs and reasonable attorney fees.
  • The patient/responsible party must return any equipment provided by SXU Health Center for home use. If the patient/responsible party fails to return medical equipment, the patient/responsible party must pay the Health Center any associated costs for replacement.

Out-of-Network Plans, Referral or Authorization of Services

  • It is the patient/responsible party's responsibility to obtain precertification, referral or authorization of services if this is required by the patient's carrier prior to the visit.
  • Payment for services denied due to a failure to comply with the notification requirements of the insurance company will be the patient/responsible party's responsibility.
  • The patient/responsible party may have greater financial responsibility for services provided by health care professionals at the SXU Health Center if they are not under contract in the patient's health care plan.
  • It is the patient/responsible party's responsibility to direct questions regarding coverage or verification of benefit levels to the patient/responsible party's health care plan.


  • All payments are due in full at the time of service. We accept cash, check, debit, major credit cards and health spending accounts.
  • Please call 773-298-3712 for current pricing.


If you have any questions about your financial responsibility when visiting the SXU Health Center, please contact the Health Center Director, Kathy Rohan, at 773-298-3749.